Virginia Genealogical Society

The Virginia Genealogical Society, established in 1960, boasts a nationwide membership dedicated to four primary goals:

  • to promote and foster family history education and research
  • publish genealogical information
  • provide educational opportunities
  • share accumulated knowledge.

The Society encourages public awareness of family history and fosters research and understanding of genealogy through its publications and activities. Because many important research centers are already active in Richmond and throughout Virginia, the Society does not maintain its own research library. It does, however, provide a list of genealogists who research in local facilities.

President: Nicki Birch
Vice President: Birgitte H. Tessier
Treasurer: Mary Vidlak
Secretary: Kathy Merithew
Past President: Teresa A Kelley
Historian: Conley Edwards
2020-2023: Selma E. Stewart
2020-2023: Susan B. Chiarello
2020-2023: Donald W. Moore
2021-2024: Shirley A. Haas
2021-2024: Dr. Shelley Viola Murphy
2021-2024: May Saxton
2022-2025: Peter E. Broadbent
2022-2025: Katie Q. Derby
2022-2025: Teresa Anne Mills
Local Society Directors
Director: Robin C Comfort
Director: Mike Saxton
Director: Paula Williams
Office Manager: Bonnie Trainor
Magazine of Virginia Genealogy
Editor: Barbara V. Little
VGS Newsletter
Editor: Birgitte H. Tessier
Associate Editor: Teresa Anne Mills
Coordinator: May Saxton
List of Past Presidents
Download a list of past presidents.
Why Join VGS?
Many American families began in Virginia. As a member of the VGS, you will profit from the Society’s efforts to preserve and publish original Virginia source materials. You will have opportunities to share with others who have similar interests, gather knowledge from the Society’s publications and join in its activities.
Benefits of Membership
Members receive the following:
  • The Magazine of Virginia Genealogy (published quarterly)
  • The Virginia Genealogical Society Newsletter (published quarterly)
  • Discounted registration for VGS Conferences 
  • 20% discount on Society publications
  • 20% discount on Internet GenealogyYour Genealogy Today, and History

VGS is a 501(c)(3) organization. Any donations to the Society are tax-deductible for income tax purposes.