Virginia Genealogical Society

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Mailing Address
Virginia Genealogical Society
P. O. Box 626
Orange, VA 22960-0365
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President: Nicki Birch
Vice President: Birgitte H. Tessier
Treasurer: Mary Vidlak
Secretary: Kathy Merithew
Past President: Teresa A Kelley
Historian: Conley Edwards
Office Manager: Bonnie Trainor
Magazine of Virginia Genealogy
Editor: Barbara V. Little
VGS Newsletter
Editor: Birgitte H. Tessier
Coordinator: May Saxton
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VGS does not maintain a research facility, surname material, or have the resources to conduct research. VGS publishes early Virginia source material that is not otherwise available, in books and in our periodicals, as well as sponsoring two conferences each year.
Because many important research centers are already active in Richmond and throughout Virginia, the Society does not maintain its own research library. It does, however, provide a list of professional genealogists who research in local facilities.