Virginia Genealogical Society
Beverly Patent Land Owners in Augusta County, Virginia
The original map showing names and individual parcels was researched and compiled by J. Raymond Hildebrand in 1954. The grid overlay and related list of grantees were created by Marty Hiatt and Les Querry in 2021. A few of the names and dates have been updated, but no attempt was made to verify all information presented on the 1954 map. Descriptions of the parcels can be found in the deed books of Orange County before 1746 and Augusta County after 1746. 
Copyright 2021. The grid overlay and index to the Beverly Patent Land Owners Map were created by Marty Hiatt and Les Querry. It is provided here as an aid to genealogical and historical researchers as long as credit is given to the creators and VGS. It may not be copied or repurposed for commercial use. 
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